Cloth Bums  2.0 Pull Up Cloth Nappy | Training Pant

Transitioning to toilet training and need some pull up training pants? Or is your toddler so independent they want to pull up their own cloth nappy??? If that's so, the Cloth Bums Gremlin Pull Up Cloth Nappy | Training Pant is the nappy solution for you.

theSize: Fits 8 to 20kgapprox. Perfect for active toddlers and older children for a day or night time use. 


How to Use:

Pull-up nappy or training pants - Use Cloth Bums' Gremlin as a complete nappy with the added absorbency added to the pocket, or without an insert as a transition to toilet training. The stretchy sides allow independent bubs to pull the nappy up themselves or snap the sides to fit like a standard cloth nappy. If you are laying the absorbency into the shell, we suggest placing a microfleece stay dry liner on top of the inserts (closest to bub) to wick away moisture from bub's skin.


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