Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy

Such an absorbent night nappy! To last all night, you need maximum absorbency so the fitted nappy piece & the inserts are made with the best, most absorbent fabrics to last all night long. The long tails can be folded to the front, middle or back and positioned in the wet zone where you need it most. You will get a max of 23 layers in this baby!

This fitted nappy is the absorbent component of a nappy and requires a waterproof nappy cover over for a complete solution.


Medium | 4-8kg approx

Large |8-13 kgs approx

XL | 14+kgs approx

Components: Nappy Outer (Cover) + Snap in Snake Insert

How to Use: Snap insert into the cover. The snake inserts can be folded as needed and layered to suit your bub's wet zone. Then lay the hourglass booster over the folded snakes so that the stay dry layer (soft fabric on the top of the hourglass booster) is closest to bub's skin.

Tip: you can tuck the frilly leg elastics in if bub is irritated by the fills or if you are finding it hard to fit them in the waterproof cover!

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