I love that I can choose my individual nappies for my hire stash. Are there any discounts for building my own hire package?

Yes! Our 'Build Your Own' hire package discounts are applied to your cart automatically as you build your package.

Bundle of 5 +10% off | Bundle of 10 +15% off | Bundle of 15 +20% off


I'm not a fan of using second hand nappies on my little one. Can I hire new nappies only?

Yes! We completely understand that second hand nappies aren't for everyone.  Simply send us an email at info@theclothstash.com.au requesting new nappies only and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your request. If new nappies are unavailable we will contact you prior to finalising your order.  


Do you post hire nappies?

Yes! Just like an ordinary purchase, we can post out hire nappies to anywhere within Australia. We do not post large parcels to PO Boxes so please keep this in mind. 


Is free pick up available?
Yes! Free pick up is available from Weston Creek, Canberra


If I am local do I need to post the returned nappies back?
No, let us know when you are ready to return your hire nappies and we will keep a locker free for you to place the returned nappies in.


How long is the hire period?
Our hire periods are 3 weeks minimum unless you have selected a longer hire period. The hire period starts from the day after the nappies arrive. Wash time is not included in your hire period. Once the hire period ends, we allow 7 days for washing and drying the nappies ready to return! If a majority of the nappies in your hire package are new when they arrive, we allow an extra 7 days up front to give you time to wash the nappies 6-8 times to build up the absorbency. 

Hire periods can easily be extended if needed at the end of the hire period.


Can I buy the nappies I love from the hire stash?
Yes of course! If the nappy was new when it arrived...then purchase price will be 20% off the full retail price. If the nappy was used when it arrived...then purchase price will be  30% off the full retail price. You will receive the purchase prices in your hire package (except for newborn hire packages, where the post hire purchase prices can be provided upon request). 


What if I don't find a nappy I love from the hire stash?

We are all about finding you the perfect fit so we offer a 50% discount on future hires (excluding newborn hire packages and handmade nappies)  if you were unable to find a nappy you loved. If you love a nappy but don't love the size we can send you (or you can pick up) an alternate size for free if you are happy to cover the cost of postage. 


Am I obligated to purchase nappies from my hire package at the end of the hire period?

Absolutely not! There is no obligation to purchase anything from your hire package at the end of the hire period. 

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