Bubblebubs Candies Modern Cloth Nappy

We can't rave about this nappy enough....so trim and such a nice fitting nappy! We can see why these nappies are so popular they are just super soft and comfy, require no additional boosting and if you can get used to the side snaps they are a must have nappy for your stash!

Size: suits 4 - 15kgs approx


How to Use: The Bubblebubs Candie nappy is an All-in-Two nappy. Place the trifold top down (the top will have stay dry fabric in the middle panel) and place the booster in the middle of the trifold. Fold over both ends of the trifold, flip over and snap into the shell. Simple!  


Cover: Minky or PUL with suede cloth lining

Trifold Insert: 2 x layers of 450GSM bamboo fleece,  centre panel topped with suedecloth. Snaps into cover

Rectangular Insert: 3 x layers of 450GSM bamboo fleece


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