Microfleece Stay Dry Liners

Microfleece liners are a reusable stay dry liner that wicks (fancy word for move) liquid away from baby's skin helping to keep your little one's bottom feeling dry. They can protect the more expensive components of your nappy from staining and the build up of barrier creams, extending the lifespan of your nappy.

When to Use:

If you are using your nappy as an All-in-Two with the inserts laid in on top of the shell (not placed in the pocket), then you can place these liners on top of the inserts closest to bub's skin to draw moisture away. 

These liners can be used in any nappy (even pocket nappies) for periods where you need to use barrier cream or for periods where your bub's poo is particularly stainey (i.e. the newborn stage or the transition to solids). 

When NOT to Use:

When you are using pocket nappies with the inserts placed inside the pocket then there is no need for a stay dry liner as the pocket lining is made from stay dry fabric (either suede or athletic wicking jersey). 

Some All-in-Two nappies have inserts that have built in stay dry layers on top. These are usually a whiter and softer fabric than the rest of the insert so fold the insert to ensure the stay dry layer is closest to bub's skin.

When bub's poo's become plop-able and you don't need an additional stay dry liner (using pocket nappies/ bub's skin isn't moist) then these become an additional unnecessary component and who needs any extra washing?!


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