Welcome to my little store!

The Cloth Stash, let’s be honest, is my excuse to satisfy my cloth nappy addiction (can they just stop being so pretty already!) but here is why I decided to start a cloth stash that was available to hire....

I had a hard time convincing hubby to let me add to our stash. Why? Because we had purchased a few nappies ($600 worth) that just weren't right for our little people and we were hesitant to invest more in another failed attempt at getting the right fit. Countless nights spent reading nappy reviews on the couch after the kids fell asleep (you know....the things you do for fun after you become a mum) still didn't give me the confidence to make another cloth nappy commitment because honestly, you just don't know if a nappy will work for you until you try it for yourself.  Nothing beats the old school try before you buy philosophy. And so I started The Cloth Stash...to help find that perfect cloth fit first.

When I started to look into hire options for ourselves, I found that there were really no options for people like us that had already dabbled in cloth but needed help finding what worked for either their bub's body shape or their bub's output. So I decided to put together an online hire library so that people could try as little or as many nappies as they liked; the perfect solution (and affordable too!) for cloth parents who have found a handful of nappies they want to try but don't want to invest in before seeing if they really do work for bub. And so our journey began!

So what do I love the most about The Cloth Stash? Watching our wonderful customers start out on their cloth journey and ending up falling as much in love with cloth as I am.

Rach xx

Our values: Integrity & honesty in business and a passion for both cloth and our customers pretty much sums us up nicely. if you want to find out more about us and our values see why you should hire from The Cloth Stash