Why Hire from The Cloth Stash?

What is important when choosing who to hire from?

Always choose passion. 

When you have passion for what you do it shows! When you are genuinely passionate about helping and working with your customers it shows! We are people pleasers here at The Cloth Stash and nothing gives us job satisfaction as much as watching our customers find their favourite nappy and watching their appreciation for cloth develop into a full blown cloth nappy addiction (sorry not sorry)! 

We support our customers throughout the hire process from start to end. There is no such thing as too many questions or too many emails. We will do our absolute best to provide as much HONEST information and feedback as possible. We have no special allegiance to any of our brands we love them all equally and our only goal is to help our customers find the best nappy that works for them.


Yes we are personally using cloth nappies, both day and nights! Yes we have trialled (and used successfully) most of the brands that we stock. We also use our trusted reps as product testers and we rely on their honest feedback in regards to what nappies work absorbency and fit wise for which outputs & body shapes. We also stay up to date on all the cloth nappy review groups to back up our existing knowledge and experience. 

Over the past few years we have been reading cloth reviews, we have seen what is deemed popular shift and change. We also get to see which products are still receiving great recommendations a few years on! For this reason, cloth nappy reviews are important to stay in touch with, but how often can you rely just on reviews? 

Three years worth of experience hiring out nappies is invaluable. It has given us an insight into what nappies have sold consistently after hire and which nappies simply don't work for a majority of bubs. Our unique concept of both selling and hiring out nappies has allowed us to see which nappies are being purchased by repeat customers...the biggest testament to the quality and functionality of the nappies. We review and update our hire packages constantly to ensure that they are a true reflection of the best nappies on the market! So you can rest assured the nappies in our hire packages are not there because of their pretty prints or their brands 'cult status', they are there because they work. 


It takes HOURS to prep hire nappies & packages. Hire nappies are washed when they arrive back, sanitised then washed again (no one wants to hire nappies that smell like a public pool). They are then hung to dry in the showroom next to our trusty dehumidifier. Once they are dry the shells are turned inside out & de-fluffed so that there is no lint or residue left from the previous hire. The shells are then turned back the right way & again de-fluffed, along with their inserts. The elastics are checked for firmness, the shells & inserts examined for any faults. Just the de-fluffing alone takes us 10min per nappy.


We are the first cloth nappy store in Australia to both hire + sell cloth nappies. Our Second Hand Stash & our Shop Stash helps support our hires so that we can keep the hire prices AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. We want the hire process to be both worthwhile and a viable option for all of our customers. 

Are the Nappies current and available? 

When we are in the business of finding our customers their perfect cloth fit, then it goes without saying that all of our nappies are the latest versions and where possible available to purchase at the end of your hire period (sometimes due to Covid and manufacturing delays, this is out of our hands). We would hate to be responsible for you falling in love with a nappy that you then couldn't get your hands on or found that the latest version didn't quite work for your bub the same as before. Where old and new versions of products are still widely available, we include BOTH options in our hires.

Are you hiring from a business that is backed by the brands that it stocks?

Here at The Cloth Stash we are well and truly backed by OUR BRANDS. 

Every single nappy in our hire packages are sourced with approval from each brand. We DO NOT hire out any nappy or brand without their permission and prior knowledge. Why is this so important you ask? Because who knows a product better than the owner of that product? When we have trouble helping a customer with their fit or their output issues we have our our brands product knowledge, product experience & customer support to reply on. So you can rest assured it's not just us here to offer help & advice.

By staying connected to the brands that we stock, we are able to keep up to date on their latest products and product changes/ updates so that we can keep our hire packages up to date with the best products and the latest versions.