How it works

Here at The Cloth Stash we have two ways to hire:

Hire from our nappy library where you can personally select which nappies you would like to hire. You can hire as little or as many as you like and you can even choose the print! Bundle discounts apply (discount shows at checkout). 

New to cloth and have no idea what nappies to select for your hire stash? We have put together a range of different hire packages for you to choose from. 

If you are waiting for bub's arrival and would like to book a hire package for when bub arrives, our newborn hire packages can be pre-ordered, just make sure you add bub's due date so that we can schedule it in. 2 months notice would be appreciated. We cannot guarantee availability if less than 2 months notice is given, however we will do our absolute best to accommodate your request. 

Buy the nappies you like at the end of the hire period and send back the ones you don’t. Let us know the ones you wish to keep and we will send you an invoice for's that simple. We even minus the individual hire fee off each nappy you purchase from your hire package! Nappies that were second hand to begin with are 30% off the recommended retail price minus the hire fee of that nappy. 

Please note that the hire fee is not subtracted from any handmade products that are purchased from your hire package. This is due to the small margins we have on our handmade products. Handmade products that were second hand to begin with are 15% off the recommended retail price.

Hire Periods:

Our standard hire period is 3 weeks to allow you to get a proper feel for the nappies to determine if they work for you. Hire periods can be extended in 1 week blocks for as little or as long as you like. We will contact you to remind you that your hire period is coming to an end and to provide you with an option to extend.

Newborn hire packages have 3 week, 6 week, 9 week and 12 week options available for selection on the product page.

Our Nappies:

As we are all about finding you the perfect fit, our used nappies will be in excellent used condition to ensure that they are as close as possible to what you should expect from a brand new nappy (i.e. elastics will be tight, nappies will be stain free and the waterproof outer will be in excellent condition). Pilling to fabrics from normal washing may be evident; however this will not affect the integrity of the nappy. Used items will be thoroughly cleaned & sanitised prior to us posting them out to you (or pick-up). 

You can choose to hire new nappies if this is your preference (excludes newborn hire packages). Please email us at if you would prefer new nappies only for your package (sometimes there is a glitch with order notes so email is the best way to contact us). 

Due to the high demand for newborn packages, the condition of the nappies in these packages (i.e. either new or used) is based on stock available at the time of packing.

Please note when hiring new nappies that most brands state that it will take 6-8 washes for your nappies to reach maximum absorbency. We will add an extra week to the hire period if your hire package contains predominantly brand new nappies, so that you have time to prep them.

Included in your hire package:
* The items | package you select
* min 3 week hire period
* general washing guideline
* hire package information (sent via email to reduce waste)
* The after-hire purchase price of the items in your package
* Contact with us via our email As we are all about finding the perfect fit, we are here to assist if you are finding it difficult to fit or prevent leaks during your hire period. Please note that this is not a consultation as we do not hold a degree in nappy fitting and leak prevention, however we do have a bit of cloth nappy experience and a few resources on hand to help point you in the right direction!

* The payment of a Security Bond is required up front.

Our hire packages have set bonds in place which are noted on the product page. 

When hiring from the nappy library, the security bond amount is calculated based on your selection. The security bond will be double the amount you spend on hire products if you spend $50 on hire nappies, we will send you a separate invoice for a $100 security bond.....easy!

* Discounts on hired items do not apply to the security bond. The security bond will be calculated on the full price hire costs.

A full refund of the Security Bond will be arranged once we have received the returned nappies in the condition outlined in the Returning the hire pack section below.

The security bond does not cover the complete replacement of the nappies if unreturned, lost or permanently damaged. The Cloth Stash is entitled to the full recommend retail price (at that time) in order to replace all unreturned, lost or damaged items. An invoice will be sent for any outstanding payments which is to be paid within 14 days of the invoice issue date. Your security bond will be deducted from this amount. If this invoice is unpaid within the time required, The Cloth Stash reserves it's rights to take legal action against you and will claim any costs and expenses incurred as a result in addition to the amount owing.

* A complimentary discount on future purchases; our contribution to your stash! This discount is for you to use toward building your stash. ***Excludes sale items, second hand items and WAHM products (handmade products by Work At Home Makers). If you are still searching for the perfect fit, we offer a 50% discount for second round hires! 

What's not included in your hire package:
* Postage of your hire package from us to you. The cost to ship your hire package is noted on the product page. Shipping costs for hire packages, including custom hire packages from our library, start from $12 with our larger hire packages costing $18 to ship. Free pick up is available from Holder (Weston Creek) Canberra.

*The cost of return postage can be daunting especially when considering hiring a larger package. We have provided an option to include return postage at our $15 flat rate. If selected we will pack an extra packing bag for the returning nappies and at the end of the hire period, we will email you a shipping label for printing. We ask that you provide the weight and dimensions of the returning parcel prior to us arranging a return post label.
* Return Postage & Packaging. Please see the Returning the hire pack section below for more details

Please see our Shipping Policy  for further details in regards to shipping.

Returning the hire pack:

* The 3 week (21 days) hire period commences on the day after you receive your package. Unwanted nappies must be return posted by the due date emailed to you a few days prior to hire ending. The Cloth Stash is not responsible for the returning package during transit. If covering your own return postage, we recommend parcel tracking and that the parcel should require a signature on delivery

*If local, returned nappies can be placed inside one of our pick up lockers. We will ensure a locker is available for you upon return, details will be sent via email a few days out from the end of your hire period.

* Returning nappies must be washed & dried prior to return (sanitising not required). Nappies that do not come back clean & dry and in the same condition as received will result in the loss of some or all of your security bond at our discretion. We will contact you to discuss prior to determining the extent of bond to be retained. Please remove all lint from fabrics and also from any velcro fastenings (a small comb or tweezers will help with this). If you are returning a Snappi, please ensure that it is carefully packaged and that the prongs are covered to avoid damage to any fabrics. 

Return Address:
The Cloth Stash: 35 Maclachlan Street Holder, ACT 2611