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All of the Nights - Hire a MIXED Night Nappy Stash

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Here at The Cloth Stash this is where our cloth journey began and a few $$$ later we found our perfect we are passionate about helping you find the perfect night nappy fast -for sanity and sleep, without the unnecessary expense of buying nappies that just don't work for you and your little one!

Night nappies are not the cheapest cloth category so it's 100% worthwhile trying a range of night nappies before you commit; especially the much underrated prefolds which are quick to dry and economical! But you may the end of the night.... when you just want to put a nappy on your wriggly bub ASAP maybe easy to use night nappies are the best way to go! With all of our available night nappy options, this stash of 9 different night nappy combinations allows you to try out all options before settling on one...or a few...that work for you!

Hire periods are 3 weeks. Please see our How it works page for details.

1 x RAWr Stuff n Snap (AIO)
1 x Junior Tribe Co Nighty Nites (AIO)
1 x Alcmena Snap & Wipe v3.5 Heavy Night Nappy (Ai2)
1 x Monarch Ultimate Nappy (Ai2)
1 x Fudgey Pants Fudgey Originals 3'n'1 (AIO + Ai2 + Pocket)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy + Cover (Fitted & Cover)
1 x Snuggly Duck 'The Goose' Fitted Night Nappy (Fitted)
1 x Baby Bare Honey Pot Fitted Night Nappy + Honey Wrap Cover (Fitted & Cover)
1 x Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight Fitted Nappy + PUL Gusseted Cover (Fitted & Cover)
1 x Real Nappies Cotton Nappy Prefold + Night Time Booster (Prefold + Booster)
1 x Seedling Baby Diversifold Prefold  + Comodo Wrap (Prefold + Cover)
*** includes a 50% discount on future hires if you are keen to continue cloth and you are still searching for the perfect fit at the end of this hire period (no discount on postage)***
Small: 6 - 9 kgs approx
Medium: 9 - 14 kgs approx
Large: 14 - 18+ kgs approx
*** if you feel bub is in between sizes please comment in the order notes & we can provide two sizes multiple sizes for sampling. RAWr AIOs tend to be on the smaller side so we will size up unless requested otherwise. 

Security Bond:
* bond prices may seem high but this allows us to keep hire costs as low as possible
RRP Value of Package:
approx $500.00

Your wash/dry routine is integral to maintaining the lifespan of your nappies. Below is a generic outline only and we recommend that you follow the wash instructions specified by each brand (links included below)


STEP 1: Remove solids. Plonk straight into the toilet (or other method of your choosing) then rinse under HOT water. 

Skip this step for pee nappies!

Pre-treat stains if required

* Note: Some brands recommend rinsing all nappies as soon as they come off to help prevent the build-up of ammonia smell  

* Night nappies tend to be the smelliest due to the higher concentration and quantity of urine they withhold. A thorough hand-rinse in hot water with detergent, in the morning, is recommended *(but here at TCS we do our daily prewash as soon as the morning nappies come off to avoid this step) *

STEP 2 : Dry pail. Use a storage solution with holes for aeration. The better the ventilation flow around your soiled nappies the less your nappies will smell (crazy right!). Also helps to keep your nappies in tip top condition.

STEP 3: Pre-wash. Use a short cycle with half of the amount of recommended detergent for a heavy soiled load.

*removes bulk of soiling here to allow the main wash to be done in clean water

*most brands recommend a daily pre-wash on the nappies used within the last 24hrs

STEP 4: Main Wash. Use the longest cycle on your machine with the full amount of recommended detergent for a heavy soiled load. Water temp up to 60°C

*most brands recommend a main wash every other day 


Detergent: Most of our stocked brands recommend a good quality main stream detergent 

Spin cycles: Do not spin over 800rpm

Line Dry: The most eco friendly & economical option is to line dry. Consider how the nappies are hung to prevent elastics from stretching, most brands recommend hanging horizontally length wise across the line. Hang covers/ shells in the shade or indoors
Dryer: A dryer can be used on the lowest setting for covers/ shells
* Wait until the covers/ shells are cold before stretching elastics
* Note that the lifespan of your nappy may be reduced with extensive exposure to the dryer. If possible use the dryer for inserts, prefolds and fitteds only and line dry the covers/ shells


STEP 1: Soak. Soak the absorbent components of your new nappies overnight to increase their absorbency.
STEP 2: Wash. Wash all nappy components at least once in warm water prior to use
* Most brands state that it will take 6-8 washes for your nappies to reach maximum absorbency. If you are using them after only one wash just be aware that you may need to change them more frequently


Barrier creams should wash out in hot water with good quality detergent, however using a liner (disposable or re-usable) is a good idea to prevent build up on the nappy. Barrier cream, like fabric softener coats the nappy fabric causing them to repel rather than absorb


* The use of chlorine bleach may void the manufacturer's warranty if used incorrectly. Check each manufacturer's advice prior to using bleach as some advise against it
* Most suppliers state that stain removers such as Napisan/ Vanish may be used as a stain treatment prior to wash or used in the wash as long as you use the stain remover as per the product's instructions


Fabric Softener. Fabric softener coats the fibres of the fabric causing them to repel rather than absorb
Vinegar. Vinegar may breakdown components of your nappy


***You could void your warranty through incorrect care. Please see manufacturer's wash instructions for further details ***
Alva Baby
Baby Bare
Baby BeeHinds
Fudgey Pants
Itti Bitti
Junior Tribe Co
Little Aussie Monster
Mimi & Co
RAWr Nappies
Real Nappies
Seedling Baby
Ziggy Rose Designs

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All of the Nights - Hire a MIXED Night Nappy Stash

All of the Nights - Hire a MIXED Night Nappy Stash