All of the Nights - Hire a MIXED Night Nappy Stash

All of the Nights - Hire a MIXED Night Nappy Stash

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Here at The Cloth Stash this is where our cloth journey began and a few $$$ later we found our perfect we are passionate about helping you find the perfect night nappy fast -for sanity and sleep, without the unnecessary expense of buying nappies that just don't work for you and your little one!

Night nappies are not the cheapest cloth category so it's 100% worthwhile trying a range of night nappies before you commit; especially the much underrated prefolds which are quick to dry and economical! But you may the end of the night.... when you just want to put a nappy on your wriggly bub ASAP maybe easy to use night nappies are the best way to go! With all of our available night nappy options, this stash of 9 different night nappy combinations allows you to try out all options before settling on one...or a few...that work for you!

Hire periods are 3 weeks. Please see our How it works page for details.

1 x RAWr Stuff n Snap (AIO)
1 x Junior Tribe Co Nighty Nites (AIO)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy + Cover (Fitted & Cover)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Hemp Fitted (Fitted)
1 x Baby Bare Honey Pot Fitted Night Nappy + Honey Wrap Cover (Fitted & Cover)
1 x Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight Fitted Nappy + PUL Gusseted Cover (Fitted & Cover)
1 x Alcmena Snap & Wipe v3.5 Heavy Night Nappy (Ai2)
1 x Real Nappies Cotton Nappy Prefold + Night Time Booster + Snug Wrap Nappy Cover  (Prefold + Cover)
1 x Seedling Baby Diversifold Prefold  + Comodo Wrap (Prefold + Cover)
*** includes a 50% discount on future hires if you are keen to continue cloth and you are still searching for the perfect fit at the end of this hire period (no discount on postage)***
Small: 6 - 9 kgs approx
Medium: 9 - 14 kgs approx
Large: 14 - 18+ kgs approx
*** if you feel bub is in between sizes please comment in the order notes & we can provide two sizes multiple sizes for sampling. RAWr AIOs tend to be on the smaller side so we will size up unless requested otherwise. 

Security Bond:
* bond prices may seem high but this allows us to keep hire costs as low as possible
RRP Value of Package:
approx $400.00