Find the Perfect Fit for my SKINNY MINNIE

Find the Perfect Fit for my SKINNY MINNIE

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Have a GORGEOUS SKINNY MINNIE who needs that extra trim fit so that they are not swimming in their nappy? When we poured over nappy reviews looking for the most frequently recommended nappies for skinny minnies, these 6 nappies were top of the list, they were also voted as the 6 most suitable options by our Facebook VIP group. While we thought it would be a no brainer and the trim shells would win hands down, there are a couple of surprise inclusions that were VERY popular. So find out for yourself which ones you prefer......fingers crossed you will find your perfect skinny minnie fit from one of these 6 fabulous options. 

Hire periods are 3 weeks. Please see our How it works page for details.

1 x Junior Tribe Co Flex Ai2 | Pocket Nappy (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x Alcmena v1.5 Ai2 | Pocket Nappy (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x Itti Bitti Tutto Ai2 (Ai2)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Multi-fit Pocket Nappy (Pocket)
1 x CrackaDaks OSFM Ai2 | Pocket Nappy  (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x Baby Bare Ai2 | Pocket Nappy (Ai2, Pocket)
*** includes a 50% discount on future hires if you are keen to continue cloth and you are still searching for the perfect fit at the end of this hire period (no discount on postage)***
Security Bond: $90
* bond prices may seem high but this allows us to keep hire costs as low as possible
RRP Value of Package: approx $200.00