Stain Removers & Wash Aids

Have a bub with stainy poo? Accidently left a nappy in a nappy bag or car for a few days too long? We have all been there so it's good to know that there are some stain removers and wash aides to help keep our cloth nappies clean.....without the extra scrubbing!

Stain removers are great for removing stubborn stains, can sometimes be effective in removing yellowing/ discolouration from the inside of PUL shells and the grey-ish discolouration from inserts.

Here at The Cloth Stash we use a mixture of Sard power stain remover powder and stain remover spray.

Most suppliers state that stain removers such as Napisan |Vanish may be used as a stain treatment prior to wash or used in the wash as long as you use the stain remover as per the product's instructions. Please check the brand specific wash instructions prior to using any stain removers on your nappies. 

The use of chlorine bleach may void the manufacturer's warranty if used incorrectly. Check each manufacturer's advice prior to using bleach as some advise against it