Using Barrier Creams with your Cloth Nappies

A common question is....can I use barrier creams with my cloth nappies?


Barrier creams | nappy rash creams are fine to use with your washable nappies so long as you follow a good wash routine. Barrier creams should wash out in the hot wash if you are using a good quality detergent. If you are worried that the barrier cream, like fabric softener, is coating the fabric of your inserts or shell causing them to repel rather than absorb liquids, then try using a liner; either disposable or re-usable to keep the barrier cream away from the absorbent components of your nappies. If you are noticing barrier cream residue or oil stains on your nappies, then try bumping both the pre-wash and mains wash temperature up to 60 degrees. You can also do a 90 degree wash for your inserts and liners (NO SHELLS | COVERS) if the stains persist.