Where to start with Cloth Nappies?

In the past cloth nappy-ing was the norm....but these days it's become a bit of an unknown and a little daunting, let's be honest.

So where do you start with cloth nappies? What do you need for cloth nappy life? 

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Exactly what you need & nothing you don't.

Main wash cycle required every 2nd day

for home

24 day nappies | 4 night nappies

30 x Microfleece Stay Dry Liners

30 cloth wipes | if using for nappy change only

2-3 change mats 

1 x dry pail

a good wash routine

a good quality detergent

for the nappy bag

2-3 wet bags to store dirty nappies

2 x  travel sized change mat

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Day Nappies: Add in an extra 6 day nappies per day to allow a little breathing space between main wash cycles.

Night Nappies: Absorbent night nappies can take longer to dry so you might need an extra 1 or 2 especially if you live in a cold climate or don't have a drier.

Cloth Wipes: Usually you should only need 1 cloth wipe per change. We have allowed a few extra wipes for those especially messy change times.

Wet Bags: The recommended quantity allows for dry time between washing so the quantity you need will depend on how often you leave the house! Wet bags are so versatile so an extra 1 or two will come in handy for swimmers, snacks or double wet-bagging those especially nasty smelling poos!

Change Mats: The recommended quantity allows for dry time between washing but this will really depend on how messy bub's nappy changes are!  


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