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Nappy Features



Nappies that are less bulky and perfect under clothing (often low rise nappies that sit well below bub's belly button) with a single gusset. Some nappy types/ brands are trimmer than others
Tummy Elastic


While gaping at the tummy is acceptable and should not result in leaks, tummy elastic is an added bonus to help prevent this. Especially handy in low rise nappies that sit a little bit lower than others under the belly button. And potentially a leak saver at night if you have a tummy sleeper (although higher sitting nappies tend not to gape anyway)

Rise Snaps


The rise is the front part of the nappy, from belly button to crotch. Some nappies have multiple snap settings in this area which allow the rise to be reduced or extended to suit bub as they grow. Fold down the rise and snap in place for a smaller bub, then gradually go up settings as required. Typically nappies with rise snaps have 3 settings to achieve a small, medium or large rise 

Hip Snaps


Internal snaps on the wings of the nappy that help secure the nappy around bub's legs preventing wing droop

Single Gusset


Fancy term for one set of elastics along the leg line...just like undies

Double Gusset


A double gusset has a second set of leg elastics and is designed to provide a second line of defense against leaks and explosions. Some nappies have the double gusset built internally in the cover lining while others have an additional gusset as part of the cover outer. 

Is it If you want a nice trim day nappy then single gusset is perfectly fine! But if you want to boost (see cloth slang below) to the max then the double gusset will extend to cover the leg perfect for night nappies where that extra boosting is required!

Really....this feature comes down to personal preference but don't discount either, both are worth a try

Wipe down Cover


A cover that has no internal lining. This allows you to wipe down the cover between each use. Simply place in some fresh inserts and you're good to go!

Again, this works for some and doesn't for others! Can be economical as you don't require as many covers in your full time stash, however for heavy wetters the cover often requires washing after each use. Fantastic for night nappies where you boost to the max so the liquid doesn't even reach the shell, allowing it to be re-used once or twice before going in the wash!

Double Entry Pocket


Pockets have an opening at either end to allow for easy insert placement....less time consuming than trying to slide a bulky insert down a narrow pocket and perfect for those large man hands! 

*** We have tagged our nappies according to their best you can easily find the range of nappies that have the feature that is most important to you!!!


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