Cloth Nappy SLANG

MCN : Modern cloth nappy

Folding and Stuffing : Referring to the post wash practice of placing the inserts inside each nappy or stuffing them into the nappy pockets and then folding them up ready to go for the next use!

Boost : Add extra inserts or "boost" to increase absorption. Very technical!

StashYour complete set of nappies. Some like to keep their stash limited to a single brand...makes it easier to fold and stuff as you are not searching for the insert specific to each nappy! Others like to mix it up. They have their favourite fit that suits their bub right now and then as bub changes shape, they find a new favourite....and then bub changes shape again and the old favourites are back in circulation! Or....they have succumbed to the cloth nappy obsession and just cant get enough! Don't judge it can happen to the best of us!

WAHM nappy : A nappy handmade by a work at home mum. Often very hard to get a hold of due to limited stock but totally worth it!

OTB: On the Bum or OTB refers to pics or the action of getting the nappies on the bum...nappies in action!

Rise : Front part of the nappy from belly button to crotch 

Let us know if you have come across any others in the comments below!!!


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