CrackaDaks All in Two | Pocket Nappy

These fabulous reusable modern cloth nappies are wonderfully trim while remaining super absorbent and we can't go past the gorgeous hand-designed prints. And hot TCS we use our CrackaDak's inserts in almost all of our other shells as they stay wonderfully soft and supple. 

Size Options:

OSFM: One size fits most. The CrackaDaks nappy is a trim design that fits like underwear. 

LOSFM: Large one size fits most. Suits 5-20kgs approx. Although the LOSFM was designed for chunkier babies, it still maintains the trimness of the OSFM.

How to Use: Use this fabulous nappy as a pocket nappy by stuffing the inserts into the pocket. Or snap the booster into the snaps, tuck the folded snake under and use as an all-in-two (Ai2) nappy. You can use this nappy as a combination of pocket | Ai2 by stuffing the snake insert into the pocket but snapping the booster into the shell. Whichever works better for you!

If using the nappy as an all in two, we suggest placing a microfleece stay dry liner on top of the inserts (closest to bub) to wick away moisture from bub's skin.



Cover: PUL with suede cloth lining

Anchor Snake Insert: bamboo terry towelling & microfiber  (495mm x 100mm)

Booster: bamboo terry towelling & microfiber 


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