Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy

This Seedling Baby Multi-fit pocket nappy is stuffed with a prefold.... and what is so good about a prefold? Its versatile; use the prefold as a prefold or a trifold, and it's quick to dry. The covers are roomy so boost to the max for those heavy day time wetters. But our favourite part has to be the wide crotch and the double more pesky leg gaps! Perfect for those super cute chunky monkeys and those toddlers who need the added absorbency!

Size: suits 4 - 16kgs approx

How to Use: Use this fabulous nappy as a pocket nappy by stuffing the inserts into the generous sized pocket. Or simply lay the inserts into the shell and use as an all in two nappy. If using the nappy as an all in two, we suggest placing a microfleece stay dry liner on top of the inserts (closest to bub) to wick away moisture from bub's skin.



Cover: Breathable waterproof outer with suedecloth inner lining

Prefold: Bamboo

Booster: Microfiber


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