The Pull Up V2 by Monarch

Introducing the Monarch Store Pull Up V2.....offering complete versatility, taking you from day-time training pants to a supremely absorbent night nappy, with an easy-to-pull-up design!

Versatile....use as Training Pants (no inserts) OR a Heavy Duty Night Nappy; this pull up is completely customisable with as many inserts as your baby needs. The In-built Absorbency is perfect to use by itself to catch little accidents (like heading to the shops when your little one is toilet training) or to provide some extra leak-protection for heavy-wetters. 

With Elasticised waist with thick and soft elastic both at the tummy and back for ultimate comfort! PUL panels at both the tummy and back elastic to eliminate any wicking and keep your bub feeling comfortable and dry!

The Pull Up can be used as a Pocket nappy, featuring in-built absorbency with the option of stuffing additional inserts into the pocket. OR simply lay the inserts on top of the nappy (if you can't be bothered to stuff)

Rise snaps and adjustable hip snaps to help you get the perfect fit for your little one!

How to Fit Tutorial:


How to use them with the Ultimate Nappy Insert Set:


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