Prefolds | Fits & Tips!

A prefold nappy is a flat, multi-layered rectangular nappy, similar to traditional cloth nappy flats. The rectangle is generally divided into thirds and sometimes has extra layers of fabric located in the central panel to increase absorbency while allowing the prefold to be less bulky along the side panels. 

The prefolds are the absorbent component of a washable nappy so fasten them with a snappi or nappy fastener then team them with a reusable nappy cover for a complete solution! 




Prefolds can be folded in multiple ways to suit your bub's shape, size and absorbency requirements and is held in place with a nappy fastener of your choice. 

Fold Types:


Snappi Fastener:

Want some ideas on how to fold? Bubblebubs have some helpful videos: Padded or trifold fold, angel wing fold, newspaper fold, jelly roll fold or the bikini twist fold.

Prefold Pros & Cons:

Pros: Completely customisable to your bub so its easy to find the perfect fit. If you team them with a wipe down cover then you can get away with purchasing less covers to complete your full time stash, therefore they are potentially more cost effective than a stash of modern cloth nappies. You can lay a folded prefold into your nappy as an extra insert which makes them incredibly versatile! Plus they dry relatively quickly as they can be unfolded when hanging.

ConsA prefold requires folding around bub so fitting the prefold can be hard and time consuming on a wriggly bub. Depending on the fold they can be on the bulkier side.



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