Bella Collection Double Row Night Nappy

No extra inserts required to boost these super thirsty nappies! And the fit is so trim for a night nappy! Love, love, love. 

Sizesuits 4 - 21kgs approx

Components: Cover + Snake Insert with Snap in Booster + Trifold

How to Use:

For light to medium wetters: Use with the trifold only. The trifold can be stuffed into the pocket so that you make the most of the double gussets in the cover lining or the trifold can be placed on top of the shell as an all-in-two nappy. If using as an all-in-two nappy we recommend placing a microfleece stay dry liner on top of the trifold to wick moisture away from bub's skin.

For heavy wetters: Follow the steps above and add in the snake insert. Lay the snake insert on top of the trifold, folding the snake insert to suit bub's size and wet zone. Make sure to place the snake's built in stay dry liner (soft, fluffier side) closest to bub's skin to wick away moisture. Snap the extra booster into the snake if required! 
You can try mixing it up a little and placing the trifold into the pocket while laying the snake insert into the cover. This nappy is so versatile you can experiment until you find the best combination and placement for your bub!


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