Baby BeeHinds Magicalls All In Two | Pocket Cloth Nappy

This is the most popular velcro modern cloth nappy in the Baby BeeHinds day nappy range. Velcro fit just like disposable nappies so send these nappies to childcare or grandparents houses for an easy fit.

Size: One size fits most (OSFM) suits from suits 4 - 20kg approx.

How to Use: Use this fabulous nappy as a pocket nappy or simply lay the inserts into the shell and use as an all in two nappy. If using the nappy as an all in two, we suggest placing the snake insert on the top closest to bub's skin. Fold the snake insert in a way that allows the built in microfleece stay dry liner to sit up against bub's skin to wick away the moisture.


Cover Outer: PUL

Cover Inner: Suede cloth inner lining

Snap in Snake Insert: 3 x layers bamboo fleece topped with microfleece (max 13 layers)

Booster: 3 x  layers (60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester)



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