Nappies by SIZE

Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) come in a few different sizes. Let's discover the differences....

- Newborn Nappies
- One size fits most (OSFM)
- Sized Nappies
- Toddler Nappies

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Newborn Nappies: Typically birth - 5kgs.

Newborn nappies are fantastic if you want an easy newborn mucking around trying to fit a larger one size fits most (OSFM) nappy onto a newborn just so you can save yourself some cash, after all, newborn parenting is hard enough so the simpler the better! They are still cheaper than disposables and if you plan on having more bubs in the future, they are worth the investment.

On the other hand, if you think investing in newborn nappies, that will last you only a short period, is a little steep, consider hiring for the newborn stage, buying second hand or trawling you-tube for some newborn hacks that will show you how to fit an OSFM onto your new little bub!

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One Size Fits Most (OSFM) Nappies: Typically from 3kgs - 16kgs give or take a kilo or two on the upper end.

One size fits most nappies are designed to fit your baby for most of the time they require nappies, from birth until toilet training. Look out for OSFM nappies (a majority of them do) that have rise snaps, these are snap settings on the front of the nappy that will allow for you to adjust the length (front-back) as bub grows. If they are snap nappies then the wings will have different snap settings to allow you to adjust the waist fit as bub grows....if they are velcro nappies they have an even more customisable waist fit.

If you purchase a stash of OSFM nappies then ideally you want these to last until toilet training, so it's worth investing the time up front to find the nappy or nappies that work for you. 

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Sized Nappies: These nappies come in various sizes which allows you to select the perfect fit for bub at the size they are now. Choosing a size that fits bub's body shape in the now has it's benefits especially when bub is just out of newborn nappies. The inserts are sized to suit the shell, so unlike with a OSFM nappy, there is no need to figure out how to adjust or fold inserts to suit your shell on it's smallest setting.....less bulk on your smaller bub. As there are no rise settings, the fit is more similar to a disposable so it can be easier for grandparents or carers. Sized nappies are also beneficial if you are struggling to get an OSFM nappy to fit bub's body shape as they grow & change. Sized nappies can be purchased to suit bub's body shape right now for that perfect fit!

You will need to upsize as bub grows. Sized nappies usually come in small, medium & large to cater until toilet training....that's 3 complete sets to purchase instead of one (even more if you buy newborn nappies too). Purchasing sized nappies may not seem as economical as OSFM, however some brands have sized covers with standard inserts | prefolds that suit all sizes which means you are only replacing the covers as bub grows. 

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Toddler + Nappies: Typically sized up to 18kgs +

Once bub grows out of their OSFM nappies, Toddler + nappies are the way to go if your bub is still not quite ready for toilet training. These nappies are also great for larger bubs or heavy wetters where their OSFM can no longer cater for all of the extra inserts required to keep bub dry.

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Sizes vary from brand to brand. The sizes mentioned above are a guide only


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