Nappy Components

Nappy Components

Cover | Shell: The waterproof outer part of the nappy that fits over the absorbent part(s) of the nappy to prevent leaks. The cover can be unlined or lined in suedecloth, athletic wicking jersey or similar.

Insert | Booster: The absorbent part(s) of the nappy contained within the cover | shell

Liner (* optional*): An additional liner between the absorbent part of the nappy and baby's skin


Types of Inserts

Snap In Inserts | Boosters: Inserts | boosters that have inbuilt snaps that allow it to snap into a snap on the internal side of the cover | shell. Snapping an insert in helps to keep the insert/ booster in place


Why use liners?
Liners are fantastic if you use barrier creams on bub's little bottom as they prevent a build up of barrier cream on the absorbent components of the nappies. Although barrier creams should wash out in hot water, if they don't they can coat the absorbent fabric causing it to repel rather than absorb liquid

Why disposable liners? Awesome if you have a weak stomach and don't like dealing with poo! Catches most of the solids so you can simply lift out the liner + poo and the job is done! Usually flush-able (check your septic system can handle this) and sometimes even compost-able

Why not disposable liners? Can be a cause of nappy rash or skin irritation if your bub has sensitive skin. Try going without a disposable liner if your little one is experiencing nappy rash or other skin irritations but also check your wash routine as this may be a contributing factor. And of course, seek medical advice if necessary

Why re-usable liners? Microfleece (and similar fabrics) make great reusable liners as they wick (fancy word for move) liquid away from baby's skin helping to keep your little one's bottom feeling dry. They protect the more expensive components of your nappy from staining and the build up of barrier creams, extending the lifespan of your nappy.

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