'Old School' Cloth Nappies - Hire a Flats, Prefolds & Covers Stash

'Old School' Cloth Nappies - Hire a Flats, Prefolds & Covers Stash

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A little nostalgic for old school cloth nappies......but want to try a slightly more modern prefold version too? Then with 6 different old school nappy combinations, this stash is the stash for you! 

Prefolds and flats are so underrated; quick to dry and economical....who knew you could cloth on a budget! Once you wrap your head around wrapping a flat/ prefold you will find that these are a must have for every stash....especially your winter one where cloth nappies can take FOREVER to dry. 

1 x Seedling Baby Multi-fit nappy
1 x Seeding Baby Comodo Wrap with Diversifold +
1 x Bubblebubs PUL Gusseted Cover + Muslin Flat
1 x RAWr 360 PUL Nappy Cover + Stretchy Hemp Prefold (Day)
1 x Real Nappies Snug Wrap Nappy Cover + Cotton Nappy Prefold
1 x Real Nappies Traditional Nappy Cloth
*** includes a 50% discount on future hires if you are keen to continue cloth and you are still searching for the perfect fit at the end of this hire period (no discount on postage or security bond)***
Small: 6 - 9 kgs approx
Medium: 9 - 12 kgs approx
Large: 13 - 18+ kgs approx