Roundabout Canberra Donation Gift Card

Roundabout Canberra Donation Gift Card

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Roundabout Canberra is a volunteer-powered local charity. Their aim is to provide women and families experiencing hardship in Canberra, and the surrounding regions, with essential items and equipment to ensure the safety of their babies and children. 

The Cloth Stash is all about spreading the joy of cloth in Canberra and we are excited and honoured to be able to partner with our wonderful customers to help make cloth available to all.

Our Roundabout Canberra Donation Gift Card lets Roundabout select items from our range that are needed most. Just purchase a Roundabout Giftcard for the amount of your choosing and it will be sent to the wonderful Roundabout volunteers so that they can use it towards the items of their choosing. 

Roundabout Canberra will provide a separate tax invoice once the gift voucher has been received

Wish to donate to Roundabout Canberra directly, see their website for details.