Real Nappies Traditional Nappy Cloths | Burp Cloths

Real Nappies Traditional Nappy Cloths | Burp Cloths

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Trialing a Cover + Prefold modern cloth nappy (MCN) option? Then why not trial with a traditional flat nappy so that you can see the difference and decide which option you like best!

The flat can be fastened in place with a nappy fastener of your choice. A Snappi fastener is included in your hire pack

Features: One sized traditional cloth that can be folded and used in any type of cover. Certified to the highest Öko-Tex ecological standards. Free of chlorine bleach, plastics and chemicals

RRP $22.99 6 Pack

approx 68.5 x 68.5cm
* flat may shrink slightly after washing
100% natural cotton fibre, birdseye weave