RAWr Toddler One Size Cloth Pull Up Nappy
RAWr Toddler One Size Cloth Pull Up Nappy

RAWr Toddler One Size Cloth Pull Up Nappy

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Why we love these nappies.....

A unique reusable pull up, used as a day or overnight nappy solution for babies, toddlers who are too busy to stay still for a change, pre-schoolers and more independent school aged children who still need some protection at night. The toddler one size pocket is designed to be used as a very simple nappy solution – just fold a prefold, and or or booster and stuff it inside the pocket under the stay-dry lining and gusset.

* flexible design allows as much, or as little stuffing as you need

* side snap design, stretchy PUL and elastics allows use as a pull up nappy – for quick toddler changes and also kids who are ready to take control of their own toileting

This super soft pull cover has RAWr Nappies' signature built in 360 degree gusset for added leak protection! Team with the RAWr Stretchy Hemp Prefold (Day) for a complete solution.

Features: side snaps, rise snaps, 360 degree gusset, wipe down shell (PUL covers only, not minky), tummy elastic

suits 7.5 - 24kgs approx
Waterproof minky or PUL, no internal lining