RAWr Hemp Contour Prefold Nappy
RAWr Hemp Contour Prefold Nappy

RAWr Hemp Contour Prefold Nappy

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Why we love the RAWr Hemp Contour Prefold Nappy.....

Hemp has antimicrobial qualities and is the most environmentally sustainable choice in modern cloth nappy (MCN) fabrics. The generous width of the nappy and natural elasticity of the hemp allows for super quick and easy fastening with a pin or fastener. 

Contour hemp nappies are a bridge between prefolds and fitted nappies, which make them a perfect, no fuss stash filler for your newborn baby. Shaped for the most gentle and versatile fit this newborn modern cloth nappy is soft, breathable and 20-30% more absorbent than cotton prefolds.

The prefold can be fastened in place with a nappy fastener of your choice. A Snappi will be included in your hire package.

Features: single gusset

suits 2 to 7kg approx (0 – 6 months)