CrackaDaks OSFM All in Two | Pocket
CrackaDaks OSFM All in Two | Pocket

CrackaDaks OSFM All in Two | Pocket

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Why we love these nappies....

These nappies are wonderfully trim while remaining super absorbent and we can't go past the gorgeous hand-designed prints. And hot TCS we use our CrackaDak's inserts in almost all of our other shells as they stay wonderfully soft and supple. 

A durable stretchy outer, water resistant PUL layer covers the soft suede cloth inner lining, keeping your baby's skin dry. Tested by skinny minnies and chunky monkeys, three rise snaps along with 2 levels of waist snaps, allow trim fits for almost every bum. 

Each Nappy comes with 2 thirsty bamboo terry towelling and microfibre inserts, which allow you to customise the fit and absorption demands for each child. These inserts can be stuffed, snapped or laid on top of the pocket, based on individual preference. Made up of quality fabrics, these inserts are designed to last.

***Please note that print (pattern & colour) selection is not available on the hire stash at this point***

Features: front snaps, rise snaps, single gussets

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Cover PUL with suede cloth lining
Anchor Snake Insert

bamboo terry towelling & microfiber  (495mm x 100mm)

bamboo terry towelling & microfiber