Bubblebubs Muslin Flat

Bubblebubs Muslin Flat

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Features: Muslin flats are a trim-fitting flat nappy that is surprisingly absorbent and can be customised to fit all babies, just change the way you fold it! Not just a nappy, these handy squares can be used for a multitude of purposes; great to use as a burp cloth, wrap, pram cover, comforter etc. The list is endless. Please note that this is the absorbent component of the nappy and requires a waterproof cover. Team with the Bubblebubs PUL Gusseted Cover for a complete solution.

The prefold can be fastened in place with a nappy fastener of your choice. We stock Snappi fasteners, available for purchase here

70 x 75cm before washing - expect shrinkage of up to 10%
100% organic cotton