Bubblebubs Cloth Wipes Concentrate 100ml

Bubblebubs Cloth Wipes Concentrate 100ml

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Features: Non-drying on baby's skin, contains no SLS and is made from natural ingredients

De-mineralised water, potassium soaps of organic olive, coconut, vegetable glycerin, 25% soap content in water, apricot kernel oil and fragrance
How to Use
After making up the concentrate into your foamy bottle you simply pump 2 or 3 foam squirts onto babies bottom and use your cloth wipe to wipe away any poo. You don't need to wet the wipe as the solution goes straight onto the baby so there is no waste and a lot less mess
How to Make
To make up your pre-made bottle gently shake concentrate first to combine ingredients then measure 20ml of the concentrate and pour into the 200ml foamy bottle. Fill with distilled or de-mineralised water (in the laundry aisle at the supermarket), give a quick shake and its ready to go. We suggest you change the solution in the foamy bottle fortnightly. If you are finding that the amount of solution in the large foamy bottle is not being used within the fortnight, start with a smaller amount