Bubblebubs BoPeep - All in Two

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Why we love these nappies.....

We can't rave about this nappy trim and such a nice fitting nappy! We can see why these nappies are so popular they are just super soft and comfy, require no additional boosting and if you can get used to the side snaps they are a must have nappy for your stash!

The shells will fit from approx 2.5kgs to 8kgs, which will see most children fitting them from around birth-6mths which is makes the investment in newborn nappies worthwhile. Best thing is, as they're an all-in-two you can just swap out the trifold and put a new one in. They also make great covers to fit over the Bubblebubs BamBams, prefolds or even flats. If aired out between uses, the covers can be used multiple times during a day! The snaps are also configured to fit the larger, Bubblebubs Candie trifold as well.

The 2-row side snap configuration allows the nappy to fit comfortably on the smallest baby right through to chunkiest of bubbas. As it is side snap wing droop is non-existent and the 2 rows of snaps allow for a great fit around the legs and the waist which will ensure that everything is contained. It also means there are no rise snaps to adjust making it super easy to put on.

Check out Bubblebubs' fabulous fit video's here

***Please note that print (pattern & colour) selection is not available on the hire stash at this point***

Features: side snaps, single gusset, tummy elastic, trim

RRP $32.95

suits 2.5 - 8kgs approx
Cover Minky or PUL with suede cloth lining
Trifold Insert

2 x layers of 450GSM bamboo fleece,  centre panel topped with suedecloth. Snaps into cover