Baby BeeHinds XXL - All In One | Pocket

Baby BeeHinds XXL - All In One | Pocket

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Why we love these nappies.....

Here at TCS we struggled to find a nappy large enough for our toddler at night...until we stumbled across this brilliant nappy! Super comfy with velcro fastenings that make it easy to find the perfect fit. This nappy is the perfect size for boosting to the max so that your power pee-ing toddler can stay dry through the night!

***Please note that print (pattern & colour) selection is not available on the hire stash at this point***

Features: velcro, single gusset

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Toddler +. Approx 18cm wide crotch + 37cm long rise when laying flat and unstretched
Soft polyester outer with a hidden layer of PUL.  Suede cloth inner lining
In-built booster

2 x layers of inbuilt microfiber lining 

Wide Rectangular  Insert

3 x  layers of fleece (60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester)