Baby BeeHinds Training Pants
Baby BeeHinds Training Pants
Baby BeeHinds Training Pants

Baby BeeHinds Training Pants

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This is the ultimate in toilet training accessories! Designed to look & feel like real undies, but able to hold those little accidents, keep clothes dry AND the ability to add two levels of extra absorbency as required! Easy for toddlers to pull up themselves and grow confidence with toilet training. 

You’ll love these because.....

Adjustable Absorbency: When you start toilet training expect accidents. Lots of them. These training pants have an inbuilt dual layer of microfibre inside the pants, and come with Bamboo Booster set for those initial learning days and nights. 

Waterproof Outer: A soft, plain coloured PUL fabric will keep clothes & bedding dry.

AND They look just like big kid undies! 

***Please note that print (pattern & colour) selection is not available on the hire stash at this point***

RRP $30.00

40 – 48cm waist, 24–30cm legs, 42cm rise, suits 10 - 15kgs approx
43 – 52 cm waist, 28-34cm legs, 46.5cm rise, suits 14 - 18kgs approx 
47 – 56 cm waist, 30-36cm legs, 50.5cm rise, suits 18 - 24kgs approx
50 – 59 cm waist, 33-40cm legs,  53.5cm rise, suits 24+kgs approx
Pants PUL with Organic Cotton Jersey
In-built Booster Hidden 2 x layers of microfiber
Booster Set Multi-layered bamboo fleece booster set