Baby Bare Change Mats
Baby Bare Change Mats

Baby Bare Change Mats

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These gorgeous Baby Bare Change Mats are the perfect accessory to your modern cloth nappies (MCNs). Perfect for use on your change table, or as a portable change mat.

Other Uses:

* as a messy mat (under high chair) or waterproof layer over carpet

*mini picnic mat

* waterproof layer in pram

Each mat is topped with the exclusive limited edition Baby Bare print designs. These mats come with a backing of white PUL and white edging. They are a high quality, waterproof, and durable mat. So beautiful and soft your baby will love it. They also fold up into a neat bundle to fit perfectly in the Baby Bare Mini Wet Bags.

100cm x 75cm
PUL printed front. White PUL waterproof backing and white PUL edging