Are disposable nappies a thing of the past as we trend toward a more SUSTAINABLE, more AFFORDABLE, more ENJOYABLE solution for nappy-ing? Out with the new in with the old; but a more modern, more stylish, easier to use version of course! Enter the new era of Modern Cloth Nappies??? 

Modern Cloth Nappies are the modern solution for the traditional cloth nappy. They are easy to use and most importantly ABSORBENT! And what must be mentioned - and you will be sceptical until you try them out for yourself - using them brings such unexplainable JOY;  the stylish designs and fabulous patterns make them a little addictive too...don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

But why make the switch to cloth?It’s GOOD for the ENVIRONMENT. Put simply, when compared against disposables, the lifecycle of cloth nappies have a lower impact on our environment. They generate less landfill and consume less energy, than their disposable counterparts.  But what about water consumption you ask? If you are anything like us, you may have brushed off reusable nappies assuming that the water used in laundering is actually worse for the environment than the landfill generated by disposables. After all, we live in Australia, so we are no strangers to drought and the value of water. What we had failed to consider is the amount of water it takes to produce disposable nappies and their ingredients in the first place. You may, like us, be surprised that research shows that cloth nappies when washed in an efficient front-loading washing machine use a comparable amount of water over their lifecycle as that used over the lifecycle of a disposable.  

They can be BETTER for your BABY’S SKIN. Good quality cloth nappies contain more natural fibres rather than disposables filled with who knows what! As a consumer that chooses cloth nappies, you have more control over what chemicals and fibres are placed against your bub’s skin and you have the ability to cater for bub’s with sensitive skin too.  

They SAVE YOU MONEY -unless you give in to the addiction and buy more than you need...no judgement here! With bub expected to use approximately 3000 disposables before toilet training, purchasing just 24-30 cloth nappies has you well ahead, even when you factor in laundering costs. 

So where to start?  

It can all be a little overwhelming; the thought of WASHING eeekkk....and the overwhelmingly wide range of different styles is daunting, I know. But my advice is to just start, it truly is easier than you think. There are plenty of resources for laundering and starting with a handful of nappies or using a cloth nappy hire service is a great way to try it out. See if cloth nappies really are for you while finding the ones that work well for your bub’s shape and output. Convenience sometimes trumps everything when you are a busy parent so use a combination of disposables and cloth, because why not? EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS