Washing New Nappies

 Just bought yourself some gorgeous new cloth nappies? Did you know that new cloth nappies need to be washed prior to use to build up their absorbency? Here is a basic guideline on how to wash and care for your new cloth nappies to prevent leaks from day one. 

STEP 1: Wash. Wash all nappy components at least once in warm water prior to use. This will remove any nasties from the manufacturing process.


STEP 2: Wash all absorbent components again....and again...and again! Washing machine agitation is the key to building up absorbency in your cloth nappies. New cloth nappy inserts, boosters, fitted cloth nappies and all other absorbent components need agitation in order to build up to their maximum absorbency.  

* Most brands state that it will take 6-8 washes for your nappies to reach maximum absorbency. If you are using them after only one wash just be aware that you may need to change them more frequently