Hire Stash

Ah....the search for the perfect cloth nappy! Starting your stash or searching for a nappy that works for you? THEN WHY NOT HIRE?


Hiring is the perfect way to trial out different styles & fits without wasting money on styles that just don't work for you. Reading cloth nappy reviews can point you in the right direction but nothing replaces trying them out for yourself and finding out which ones work for your bub's shape, size & output. Plus it's just so much FUN trying out all the different options!

Starting out? Then maybe our pre-selected packages are the right option for you:
Newborn Cloth Nappies

Day Cloth Nappies
Night Cloth Nappies

Handmade Cloth Nappies 

Or you have a rough idea of what you would like to trial and don't want a whole package? Then our cloth nappy library (HIRE STASH) is the place to start! Hire as many or as little as you like! Plus once 4 items are added to your cart, our bundle discounts will kick in so you can create your own custom hire package!!!
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