Find My "Must Have" Features - Hire a Mixed Stash HIRE A MODERN CLOTH NAPPY PACKAGE

Find My "Must Have" Features - Hire a Mixed Stash

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Confused with all the options available? What style of nappy will suit you best.......front snaps, side snaps or velcro? To single gusset or to all-in-one or all-in-two....cloth nappy-ing on a budget or all seems a little overwhelming! Our mixed stash is a carefully collated stash of 10 different nappies, the best stash for those who want to explore their options before settling on their perfect fit. 

The By Jecca nappies are sized, so if you feel like your little one is somewhere in-between two sizes please add a note on your order to include both. We are happy to throw in an extra nappy to make sure you find your perfect fit! * The Security Bond will be increased to cover the additional nappy*

Hire periods are 3 weeks. Please see our How it works page for details.

1 x Alva Baby Pocket Nappy (Pocket)
1 x CrackaDaks OSFM Ai2 | Pocket Nappy  (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x Alcmena v1.5 Ai2 | Pocket Nappy (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x Alcmena v3.5 Snap & Wipe  ***Day Nappy Version inc. 1 x hemp insert only*** (Ai2, Wipe Down Shell)
1 x Baby Bare Ai2 | Pocket Nappy  (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x Junior Tribe Co Flex Ai2 | Pocket Nappy (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x By Jecca (Handmade) sized Ai2 (Ai2)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Magicalls Ai2 (Ai2, Pocket)
1 x Bubblebubs Candies Ai2 (Ai2)
1 x Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy (Pocket)
*** includes a 50% discount on future hires if you are keen to continue cloth and you are still searching for the perfect fit at the end of this hire period (no discount on postage)***
Small: suits 4 - 9kgs approx (Waist 35-58cm, Legs 26-38cm)
Medium: suits 5 - 14kgs approx (Waist 38-63cm, Legs 29-38cm)
Large: suits 8 - 20kgs approx (Waist 41-67cm, Legs 32-44cm)
XL: suits 10 - 25kgs approx (Waist 45-75cm, Legs 33-47cm)
Security Bond: $150
* bond prices may seem high but this allows us to keep hire costs as low as possible
RRP Value of Package: approx $320